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Pratikser Disposable Apron with Tie at Neck - 100x140cm - 25Pcs/Roll - Box

  • Product Code: KL-13-01-1-BOYUNDAN BAĞCIKLI
  • Barcode: 8683270580629
  • Brand: Pratikser
  • Category: Aprons
  • Size: 100 x 140
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Renk: Beyaz
  • Ambalaj: Koli
  • 33,24 USD
  • By Wire Transfer/EFT 32,24 USD
Our human and environment-oriented products offer practical, hygienic and modern aesthetic solutions suitable for every environment. The upper surface of our disposable products is cellulose paper and the lower surface is polyethylene. Thanks to its laminated bottom surface, it does not pass liquid to the bottom layer. Our hygienic, economical and soft-textured products can be easily degraded without harming the nature. We produce special patterns and logos upon your request. Please contact us for your custom printed orders and wholesale purchases. Product Details: Pieces per roll: 25 Rolls per box: 12 Total: 300 pieces
Size100 x 140
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